Sagittarius New Moon

Welcome to Blood Moon Milk, the astrology show that comes out every new and full moon, this episode is all about the Sagittarius new moon that occurs on December 4th, 2021 at 3:43 AM.
This new moon is a solar eclipse, so it suggests something new and powerful beginning. A new moon eclipse opens an energy portal that influences for 6 months, so this is potent energy and a time when manifestation is more possible, especially if you have any personal planets at or near 12 degrees Sagittarius. But before we get into all the details and specifics of this potent new moon I have a couple of announcements and event reminders.

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Let’s refresh our memory of Sagittarius energy and look at the energy surrounding this potent new moon solar eclipse.
Sagittarius is the most advanced fire sign. Fire is creative energy, it burns with anticipation and desire to do things. Think of a fire’s flame. It dances. It can bounce. It can lick the air with desire. It simply moves to its little rhythm. Fire energy is associated with “doing” versus thinking, feeling, or analyzing. It loves to be active, and indeed it needs a certain amount of physical exertion to be healthy. A lazy fire sign is a sick fire sign, or simply one that feels overwhelmed by life. In any case, a healthy fire sign will need to be firey in the world. This can be expressed in a lot of ways, through thrill-seeking or adventure, or sexual conquest, or creative works of art. Fire energy can be exhausting though, as it can burn itself out if it’s not careful. Fire elementals in general come on strong and have a willingness to do battle for the things they believe in and that which inherently fuels its fire. Fire energy can also steal energy from others if it’s not careful, however, this is more likely to occur with Leo and Aries than with Sagittarius, because Sagittarius is the mutable fire sign. This is one reason why Earth and water signs tend to be less enthusiastic about fire, and why fire signs and air signs are sympathetic to each other more often than not.

Mutable signs tend to end things, to help dissolve one energy into the elements and parts needed for change to occur. Some might look at this as destructive, and indeed fire can be destructive if left unchecked, but more often it’s changing that needs to naturally occur to create space for new growth. This can modality can be thought of as a much-needed exhalation after the inhale of a cardinal sign, the pause between breaths of a fixed sign, a mutable sign that has changed one thing into another, and releases it into the world. Mutable signs more than others are open and desiring change, and can adapt to this change easily. The change agent is another good way of thinking of mutable energy. Sagittarius tends to need grand ideas, visions of change, and the possibility to get its fires burning bright. Sagittarius is ruled by Jupiter, who would have in his own right been a sun, if only he had a little more mass, but it is indeed a fiery planet. In ancient greek and roman mythology, Jupiter was thought of as Zeus, the king of the gods. Sagittarius is the optimist, whose flames of hope and warmth it wishes to fan far and wide, inspiring others to cultivate their passions, keeping the blaze of inspiration alight.

Sagittarius is represented by the archer and the centaur. The word Sagittarius in Latin means to be armed with bows and arrows. It is with conviction that an archer aims its arrows, and indeed conviction of beliefs is Sagittarius’s calling card. It believes it knows best, and what is right. It’s hard to convince a Sagittarius of anything, but they do love to debate possibilities. The representation of the centaur reminds us that Sagitarrius is required to be two opposite, seemingly contradictory things at once. It’s a half-human, and half-wild animal, yet reason and higher education are the things that tame this wild beast.

Let us look at the astrology surrounding this new moon in sag so we can make the most of it.
This looks like a very nice new moon, which considering the astrology surrounding the last two lunar events, were not particularly peaceful, this one will be.

Throat Chakra
Ear chakra- there is a huge emphasis on communication and speaking during this new moon, but Mercury in Sag is conjunct this new moon, and it tends to have a hard time listening. So I suggest we give our ear chakras a little tune-up to get the most of this potent energy so we don’t miss any important information being relayed to us.
Located next to and slightly above each ear, this energy center holds powers of clairaudience, communication, and divine connection.
As mentioned, the ear chakra is considered to be a single chakra despite being present in two locations.
This energy center is responsible for our ability to hear beyond the material world, in addition to our capacity to hear deeper truths in words spoken in this realm.
It impacts our ability to read between the lines, to hear messages in words unspoken, and to absorb divine or spiritual messages from the universe.

Crystal Rx: selenite, fluorite, and or natural citrine

Questions for mindfulness, meditation, and manifestation

How can I speak my truth without alienating my audience?

What am I feeling drawn to philosophically?

Have I received any important messages lately?

Where am I feeling called to travel to explore? This can be a physical place, or a mental realm, or even a course of study.
What do I sense of the horizon concerning love and power?

How can I lovingly express my creative power and cultivate abundance?

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