Gemini Full Moon

Welcome to Blood Moon Milk the astrology show that comes out every new and full moon to help guide you on your mindfulness, meditation, and manifestation journey. I’m your host Aurorah and this episode is all about the Gemini full moon that occurs on December 19 at 12:36 AM Eastern time.

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Gemini is the first air sign of the zodiac, and it’s the mutable air sign. Air signs in general want literal space, and breathing room if you will. In terms of zodialogical progression, fire is the inspirer, the flash in the pan, the here today gone tomorrow energy. Earth signs seek to implement permanent change and stabilize everything that fire started, but air energy can be stifled by too much stagnation so it wants to get away from everything that is too still. Air signs like distance because that can help them gain an objective perspective on a given situation, and logic is the realm of the air element. 

Mutable signs tend to usher in change as well, but usually a very specific kind of dissolution of existing structures. They tend to come at the end of seasons, Gemini at the end of spring, Virgo at the end of summer, Sagittarius at the end of fall, and Pisces at the end of winter. 

Gemini is ruled by the fastest of the planets, Mercury who’s known for his gift of wit and conversation- but also his duplicitous nature. This is most obvious in Gemini because they are after all the sign of the twins. Most Gemini’s I speak to feel as if they are two minds living in one body. Sometimes this can manifest as the proverbial angel/ demon complex where you can feel capable of great and beautiful acts of kindness or demonic acts of deviousness. There are of course always equal opportunities for signs to express their positive aspects as well as their negative traits. Some of Geminis gifts include:

Androgyny, adaptability, cleverness, and curiosity, they can be excellent mimics, have a high aptitude for learning especially where repetition is involved, and they can be skilled communicators. 

On the negative expression side, Gemini’s energy can be superficial, hypocritical, nervous, opinionated, and very self-involved, and two-faced to serve their own self-interested ends. 

Now that we have a little reminder of the energy Gemini brings to the table, let’s look at the astrology of this full moon in Gemini. 

Astrology of the full moon 

The full moon will occur at 27 degrees Gemini in opposition to the sun at 27 degrees Sagittarius. Gemini is the great communicator of the zodiac, and this full moon promises to put the spotlight on all things communication. The chart for this full moon has the moon in the 10th house, suggesting that there can be an emotional emphasis on publicity, public standing in the community, and society. There is a public need and emotional desire to be recognized for the ideas people bring to the table. 

This full moon is in a harsh but minor aspect to Venus, a quincunx, which in this case tends to show up as feeling as though we need to be everything to everyone. This can leave the people pleasers of the world feeling very lonely and isolated because they will be prioritizing everyone else’s needs before their own basic needs, and at the worst, it can make people forget themselves. A literal kind of de-selfing can happen if this is very pronounced in an individual’s chart. 

This can be overwhelming and leave us feeling depleted and scattered energetically. Venus will be in Capricorn, and she’ll be conjunct Pluto. This adds fuel to the fire, as Pluto creates a kind of finality to anything he is part of. Whatever Pluto shifts he shifts permanently. He also has an obsessive streak, that can come off as controlling and restrictive. He can also have very positive expressions of devotion and commitment, so this full moon could see people getting engaged left and right. However, a word of caution. Venus goes retrograde the day after the full moon, which means she will be retrograde during Christmas, and New Year’s Eve, both of which are classic times of year for couples to get engaged. Getting engaged during a Venus rx cycle does not bode well for a couple’s romantic future. If you’re looking to put a ring on it, you’ll be better off waiting until Valentine’s day when Venus will be in her full glory. Otherwise, you could be setting yourself up for disappointment down the road, and truly if you’re looking to make a lifelong commitment to someone a couple of months is a short amount of time to wait. You could use that extra time to plan the perfect proposal or shop for the ring that will make her heart sing. It will be even more special with Venus on your side helping you to paint a romantic scene when she is direct. 

During the full moon, Jupiter will be present to sprinkle his magic onto the energy at play as he will be trine this full Moon, almost exactly. So this tells me that there is likely to be more good news than bad during this lunation. There’s likely to be good-humored, joyful, and full of generosity. Jupiter expands everything he touches of course, so there could a lot of happy communications flying around, and even new friends, and new ideas. The sun will also be in a happy aspect to Jupiter in Aquarius, the Sagittarian sun will harmonize with this expansiveness and joyful energy. There could be an opportunity to travel that comes up since Gemini is ruled by Mercury who rules travel, and he is trine to Jupiter who loves to go abroad. There is likely to be plenty of merriment and good old-fashioned inspiring conversation during this full moon. 

As always check which house this full moon will fall in you to get a sneak peek at the energy coming your way. Let’s see how we can tap into this energy for mindfulness, meditation, and manifestation. 

Gemini energy is all about communication- so the throat chakra is a good place to focus your intentions during a full moon meditation. Think about what you say, and just as importantly how you say what you say. Lapis Lazuli can help you to clearly express yourself in creative, thoughtful, clear ways. Amazonite is another great throat chakra stone that can also help rid ourselves of negative emotions and can help marry the healing energy of the heart to our throat chakra so we speak with love and purity. 

Here are some questions for mindfulness, meditation, and manifestation for this full moon in Gemini.

Who is my tribe? 

How do I fit in? Do I feel appreciated by the ones to who I devote my energy?

If I don’t feel that I fit in, how can I speak my truth? If I feel I do fit in, how can I let others know how comfortable I am in a way that also puts them at ease?

How do I communicate my love and affections? Am I positive with the ones I love, or do I need to work on better communicating my feelings?

What might be blocking me from expressing myself?

Thanks for supporting the show and I’ll see you next time!

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