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Welcome to Blood Moon Milk, the Astrology show that comes out every full and new moon to help guide you on your mindfulness, meditation, and manifestation journey. I’m your host Aurorah and this episode is all about the Full Moon in Taurus that occurs on November 19th at 3:57 AM. The Celtics thought of this full moon as the Reed Moon, while the native Americans thought of this full moon as the Beaver Moon. The thing that ties all these energies together for me is the proximity to water, which indeed we are full-on in Scorpio Season and that means we’re in the midst of the most intense water energy of the year. This full Moon is a doozy by the looks of the astrology surrounding it.

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Now on with the show. Let’s refresh ourselves on Taurus energy. 

Taurus is the first earth sign of the zodiac, and it’s the fixed earth sign. Being fixed gives Taurus a stubborn quality, don’t ever try to convince a Taurus to do anything that isn’t their idea, they’ll just dig in their heels. As an earth sign, Taurus has dense energy, that can have a hard time being spontaneous or trying something new. But also because of this dense energy Taurus can easily become stuck in a rut if they’re not careful to get out of their comfort zone once in a while. They may express an unhealthy desire for “stuff” and tend to hang on to physical objects they no longer need or that simply take up too much space because when they hold or touch the object it can instantly connect with them with the time and place they got it. This can be comforting in small doses but too much of a good thing can lead to houses full of stuff and cluttered energy fields where people feel trapped. And quite literally people can become trapped under the physical and emotional weight of all this stuff. Taurus is ruled by the planet Venus, who is currently transiting Capricorn for close to the next 5 months because she’ll be going retrograde during her visit to Capricorn. This will lead to her being in Capricorn longer than usual and can lead to exciting financial developments for ear signs during this full moon. 

 This often has deep psychological roots. It can be from a desire to protect themselves from potential loss or to guard against a lack of resources in the future. At its root, it’s a survival mechanism. They feel that if they are prepared by saving every bit of string or twine, then they’ll be all set when the great string and twine panic of 2025 hits. They may have endured a serious period of poverty at some point in their life so hoarding seems like a reasonable response. Energetically though this causes more slow-moving energy to accumulate around them and is more likely to stagnate their energy than that proverbial bit of string is worth in the long run.

It helps that Taurus is a very physically active sign, capable of great endurance. I suggest Tauruses who might find themselves in a rut or in a hoarding type situation, that they spend some time in nature. Taurus, being an earth sign ruled by venus loves the natural beauty of the great outdoors. John James Audubon was a great painter and naturalist who was known for cataloging the birds of North America. I think his achievements are exemplary of a Taurus using their Venusian love of beauty and nature combined with a methodical approach to achieve a lasting work of art that is nearly unparalleled. It might also be of note to Tauruses that the Audubon’s Birds of North America were the most expensive book ever sold when it went under the hammer at Christie’s for $11,542,683 in 2010. Audubon also exhibited the typical Taurean physical attributes of having a prominent forehead, large eyes, and dark, maybe even coarse hair or curly hair.

I am based in Atlanta, Georgia so this full moon chart is calculated based on my location which means the full moon occurs for us at 3:57 AM Friday, but the intensity will be building and likely be felt a good deal the day before. This is likely to be a rather difficult full moon thanks to the large number of oppositions occurring during this full moon, but also the proximity to the Moon’s nodal axis who is currently on the Gemini / Sag cusp, but getting ready to move into the Taurus /Scorpio cusp. 

The sun is at 27 degrees Scorpio, and the full moon is of course at 27 degrees Taurus. But the Nodal axis is very close by at 1-degree Sagittarius which would make this an out of sign conjunction, and eclipse. Eclipses are powerful portals for energy, especially for those with personal planets placed between the 27th and 1st degrees of Scorpio- to Sag or 27th -1st degree of Taurus- Gemini. Remember the first degree of any sign is like the sign is on steroids, and it’s an eclipse. So yes, this is a recipe for big drama. Full Moon eclipses tend to bring about dramatic endings, so this could affect you again if you have any personal planets in the spectrum I mentioned earlier. Check your astrology chart to see if this could be triggering any of your personal planets. This partial lunar eclipse is also square Jupiter and trine pluto – two aspects with two massively powerful planets. Jupiter is in the mix to blow everything out of proportion and Pluto is here to transform the way we think about control and power. There is a power shift afoot during this full moon, and it could be rather dramatic because of all these earmarks of transformation. 

Mercury currently in Scorpio will square Jupiter, possibly creating an overabundance of ideas, and consequently making us sort of scatterbrained and overwhelmed by possibilities. However, it’s a good time for brainstorming, and writing things down to be used at a later date. Don’t force things now, as this energy is apt to over-promise and bite off more than it can chew, and be disappointed afterward because of a lack of follow-through. The moral here is to beware of people promising the moon because you’ll be more likely to end up with less than stardust. After all, they’ll be so busy attending to their many other obligations. 

Venus in Capricorn is in a perfect trine Uranus in Taurus during the full Moon. This is an interesting energy. There could be unexpected financial windfalls, especially where your social circle is concerned. Venus falls in the 3rd house of the chart for this full moon, so if you have been out of work it could be time to ask your friends for help finding a new job for example, or simply for investment ideas as both Capricorn and Taurus are big money signs. Be on the lookout for an increase in money, it could be a quick windfall, or a raise, or a gift. Whatever it is will be  

Venus is also sextile her lover Mars who is in Scorpio during this full moon, so you will have the ability to charm those you choose to spend your time with. Mars is the ancient ruler of Scorpio so this pleasant aspect from venus helps to soothe his nerves which can otherwise get riled up. Friday evening will be a better time for understanding than the early morning. 

Full moon eclipses tend to bring about dramatic endings. This can be a good thing, especially if you have been stuck in a rut, which Taurus is prone to do. Taurus loves its comfort zone, but the Sun in Scorpio asks us to get uncomfortable and to embrace the taboo, the secret side of ourselves. It quite literally shines a light into the darkness so that we can enjoy the velvety richness of all the possibilities that we cannot imagine. All of these aspects are a recipe for some dramatic shifts, for better or for worse. But how do we cope with and even better, use this energy to our advantage? How do we ride this energy wave that’s coming in? First of all, simply accept that there are things beyond your control, and know that it’s a good thing that you don’t control everything. So my biggest tip for this mega dramatic full moon? Embrace the change. And Tauruses out there- I know that probably sounds terrifying! But just trust me on this one. You are ready for change and just commit to it being a positive one

Mindfulness, meditation, and manifestation. 

The chakra ruled by Taurus is the throat chakra, so focus your meditation on sending loving energy to your throat- but also since we are in Scorpio season send some living energy to our sacral chakra as well. Perhaps think about blending the two, and expressing your sensuality verbally. This could be through singing, or simply verbalizing what it is that you want sexually. This in and of itself can be transformational, especially if you have been afraid of asking for what you want. 

Taurus full moon crystal prescription. 

Normally I might suggest you work with Malachite, but I’m warning against it with an asterisk during this volatile full moon. Work with it if you dare. It is amazing, but it will bring up the shit, and like a trial by fire burn away the things that are taking up valuable emotional real estate. So that’s one very brave stone to wear during this full moon. Instead, I suggest working with Pyrite. It helps reflect the energy of gold and can help increase material wealth, which is already possible during this full moon. Pyrite is most closely associated with the solar plexus chakra, which can help to balance relationships and our sense of power. 

Questions for mindfulness, meditation, and manifestation

What am I holding on to?

Why have I been holding on so tightly?

What can I let go of safely? 

How is my fear of letting go holding me back? 

Have I been using my voice thoughtfully?

Have I been overly self-indulgent recently?

Have I perhaps been overly obsessed with money or status?

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