The Daily Dose

The Daily Dose is an (almost- hey I need weekends too!) daily email newsletter that covers the major astrological transits of the day ahead. It’s illustrated beautifully and is designed to be enjoyed in the mornings over a cup of coffee while you get geared up for the day. Light, breezy, and digestible while also being entertaining. Subscribers have said things like:

” Your Daily Dose makes me look forward to my mornings- and I’m not a morning person.”

“You’ve made email fun again. Thank you- best $5 I’ve spent all month.”

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Either subscription choice you choose, it’s only $5 a month and for the cost of a cup of coffee, you can feel good knowing that you’re supporting an independent astrologer and artist grow sustainably and your horoscope will be in your inbox so you’ll never miss it.  It’s a great way to feel good about starting your day, plus you get an edge on the energy comin at cha.

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