New Moon in Scorpio

Welcome to Blood Moon Milk, the astrology show that comes out every new and full moon to help guide you on your mindfulness, meditation, and manifestation journey. This episode is all about the new moon in Scorpio. The new moon in Scorpio occurs on November 4, 2021, at 5:15 PM eastern at 12 degrees Scorpio.

Scorpio is the 8th sign of the zodiac, and it tends to get a bad reputation, which is undeserved, and I’m hoping I can help shift the perspective on this powerfully intuitive sign. Scorpio is the second water sign, sandwiched between Cancer and Pisces, and it is the fixed water sign, so it has less adaptability than the other two water signs which are more capable of flowing energy and as result adaptability. This is partially where the reputation for being stubborn comes from, as all fixed signs tend to have a certain amount of rigidity to their natures. This can lead to being stuck in a rut, and perhaps the sign most famous for this behavior is Taurus who is in opposition to Scorpio but Scorpio has the same habit-forming tendencies, but they also possess a laser-like focus and the ability to see through complicated social and political situations and if they so choose, manipulate the situation.

Scorpio is ruled by both Mars and Pluto. Scorpio is also ruled by both Pluto, and anciently Mars which also gives them an aggressive side. The ancient rulers help show where we can get stuck in stereotypes and the modern rulers show the transformational pathway, just like the ideas themselves have revolutionized our understanding of the universe. Mars lends Scorpio his determination and combativeness, usually, this is directed at controlling a situation, or others’ emotions. Scorpio aims to reach a concrete conclusion from the niceties of the Libra debate, and it’s not above twisting an arm thuggishly if need be. Now I know it sounds like I’m throwing Scorpio under the bus here, not at all. Scorpio is the most devoted and loyal of all the signs. Once a Scorpio or someone with a lot of Scorpionic energies commits to something, be it person, relationship, or project they will see it through- thick and thin. There’s just no better sign to help you bury the body so to speak. Scorpio is the original ride or die. Pluto being its modern ruler can bring a morbid curiosity to its interest, and this energy doesn’t shrink away from anything that is deeply felt or seldom seen. Pluto also gives Scorpio a possessive streak, remember Pluto did drag Persephone to the underworld to make her his bride, rather against her will,

Scorpio is most commonly thought of as being represented by a scorpion, but there are more representatives of Scorpio energy than any other sign in the zodiac. There is of course the scorpion, who tender to represent the base nature of the energy in its lowest form. Then there is also the Eagle of St. John, who admittedly seems a little antiquated and we don’t hear about very often. But the eagle is thought to represent the highly evolved Scorpio who has freed themselves of being earthbound and can fly above the earthly issues but see in great detail the bigger picture from their perspective above it all. Then lastly is the Pheonix who is also a representative of Scorpio’s transformative abilities. The phoenix lives for 500 years and at the end of his life builds a funeral pyre and burns himself alive, only to be reborn anew.

Transformation is key with Scorpio energy and this new moon represents an opportunity to embrace change and define your intentions for the area of your life that you would like to transform. Let’s look at the astrology surrounding this new moon.

The new moon in Scorpio occurs on November 4th at 5:15 PM eastern. The sun and moon will be at 12 degrees Scorpio, across from Uranus whom they oppose at 12 degrees Taurus. So this is likely to go one of two ways. One way is that we won’t see or feel anything unusual at all. The reason I consider this as a possibility is that the moon will be new, and the moon’s phase can act as a volume knob for the drama to increase or decrease. When the moon is full, the drama gets turned to 11. While she’s new, things are much calmer. There might be some minor rumblings, but nothing major. In this case, I think we could see the developments from the transformation that begins on this new moon to take center stage six months from now when we have the Scorpio full moon in April of 2022 when by the way Neptune and Jupiter will be conjunct in the 8th house that is ruled by Scorpio and Uranus will by on the midheaven of the Scorpio full moon chart next year, telling me that this unpredictable event, this chaos will be center stage. So. We might not see the events immediately here, remember Scorpio is the sign of secrets and the new moon could be operating in covert mode. But the events will come out eventually.

However, I suspect otherwise. The other option that comes to mind is that this new moon in Scorpio will be a big news day. Uranus is in the first house of the chart for this new moon, which tells me the news of the day will be unexpected. Shock, and tremors, and the dissolution of identity could quickly transform who we see ourselves as during this new moon. There is likely to be a profound sense of restlessness during this new moon. We could simply be wrestling with two conflicting inner needs of our psyche here. Or publicly society could be wrestling with impulses and urges that create conflict. Others might be completely unpredictable. This can make us feel uneasy or ill-prepared to face the rollercoaster we find ourselves on. Uranus is in Taurus who rules finances and material wealth, so the way we think about money could undergo further revolution during this period between this new moon and the full moon in Scorpio in the spring.

We also have Chiron sitting on the ascendant for this chart, which will tend to color the events of the day with a sense of deep sadness, or ripping open of old vulnerable wounds.
Venus in sag at 29 degrees will be quincunx the north node at 1-degree Gemini tells us that we’ll need to get creative about how we listen to the will of the group and our extended families and social circles in terms of our interest and desires. It could be rather beneficial to travel during this new moon. You would have the opportunity to see friends and family unencumbered by the holidays and most of the major planets are direct so you. However, be safe and use your head. We are still in a pandemic. Wear and mask and be cautious, but I think getting out and exploring the unknown a bit could help to calm those restless feelings brought on by Uranus’s opposition to the sun and moon.

Speaking of the north node, it’s worth noting that the nodes are getting ready to move into Taurus and Scorpio where they will spend the next 18 months, so again this Scorpio / Taurus axis will take on heightened importance over the coming months.

Saturn will be square to Uranus which speaks to controlling wild urges. Authority figures could present obstacles in terms of self-identity and perception, feelings of inadequacy could be triggers for irrational behavior.

How am I enough?

What would I do if I could do anything?

What is my dark side feeling?

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