Aries Full Moon

Aries Full Moon 2021

Welcome to Blood Moon Milk, the astrology show that comes out every new and full moon to help guide you on your mindfulness, meditation and manifestation journey.  This episode is all about the full moon in Aries that occurs on October 20th at 10:57 AM eastern.

This marks the halfway point through our annual journey through the zodiac. Aries season of course was way back in March and into April and that’s when the new moon in Aries occurred, and now with this full moon we can begin to see our intentions and desires manifest into reality. Do you recall what you were processing back in Aries season? I can’t remember all the specifics but I do recall working a lot at my old job, where I was a TV producer on local nightly political news shows. I remember feeling constantly drained between being thrown back into work after working remotely for so long, and I was still on a mental break from astrology or any additional responsibilities, since my plate was so full with my dad and work and just trying to manage stress levels.

But here we are 6 months later approaching the Aries full moon, and in many ways the opposite is true. Astrology is my full time job, which I love but it’s also terrifying. I don’t know when my next client will book a session, or honestly even where they will be. I’m winding down my time at Heartspace Holistic for now, and after October 29th will offer virtual sessions only. This will give me more flexibility in when I can offer session availability which will make it easier for you to see me. All that being said, take a moment and reflect on exactly what it was that you were feeling, living, and manifesting 6 months ago when we had the aries new moon. So often in life we’re focused on moving forward that we might actually miss our progress if we don’t look back once in a while. So if you keep a moon journal, take a look and see what you were up to back on April 11th of this year. That new Moon had some challenging aspects from Pluto, so growth and change came with a hefty dose of reality for many. I know it did for me, when 2 weeks later I was let go from my job, and turned to astrology as a career path. But this episode is all about the Full Moon in Aries, so likely we’ll see some conclusions to the journey we found ourselves starting back in the spring. So let’s take a look at the astrology surrounding the full moon in Aries.

Aries is the sign traditionally ruled by Mars, who is currently in Libra, where he wants to act on behalf of fairness and equality. He still wants to get things done, but his focus is on getting things done that bring unity, beauty and a sense of harmony to the world. The full moon will occur at 27 degrees Aries. The sabian symbol for Aries 27 degrees is that of a large audience. I think it suggests that there could be something that publicly comes to a culmination that affects a large group of people. This full moon is opposite Mars, so I think tensions, anger, and aggravations could be particularly inflamed during this full moon, so it’s likely a good idea to take precautionary measures.

This full moon is also in a loose square with Pluto, who is at 24 degrees capricorn, joined by the Sun and Mars also squaring Puto.  This gets my attention as any time Pluto is involved we are likely to see big dramatic events taking place on the world stage. There could be a sense of pervasive bitterness that takes hold of us, we could feel personally or publicly wounded and resentful. Remember these feelings are symptoms of an underlying issue, and not the issue itself. These feelings, even though potentially uncomfortable, will likely lead to growth, so even though this full moon isn’t likely to be your favorite, it could lead to magnificent transformations. I look at these transits and see society moving away from superficial, and towards a more sustainable, harmonious future that is more equitable to the majority. But first, things that aren’t working and have not worked are going to fall apart a bit, and that is likely to feel dramatic and uncomfortable. However, this is a looser square so I’m a bit relieved to see that since it will ease the intensity.

This full moon is sequisquare to Venus who is currently in Sagittarius.  This suggests that there could be dramatic flair ups with financial implications, especially in regards to travel, because of Venus being in travel loving sag, the travel sectors could be feeling the brunt of this transit. This could show up as increases in air fare, or oil prices making it more cost prohibitive to travel.

Mercury is also in opposition to Chiron, almost exactly during this full moon, so I suspect there will be news that comes to light that brings up painful memories. Perhaps this is what is putting everyone on edge. Chiron is the wounded healer, who’s wisdom is renowned and he’s a respected teacher, but sadly he isn’t able to help himself. Collectively speaking, we may feel somewhat vulnerable during this time.

While there are a fair few troubling aspects to be aware of during this full moon, there are some happy ones too! Jupiter will trine the full Mars, almost exactly, which can bring a huge amount of energy to the table. If things are going to get big and dramatic, this is one of those aspects to look out for, especially with Jupiter only recently going direct after 5 months in retrograde motion. A lot of planets have gone direct recently, which can fee up energy to finally move forward.

So what does all this boil down to?How should we use this potent energy and what should we  focus on?

I mentioned preventative measures earlier because of the potentially negative aspects of this full moon. What does this mean? Simply avoid crowds, which is a good idea right now anyway. Spend time in nature. Ground and center yourself. Allow your stresses to be put aside for a while. They’ll be there for you to deal with later when you’re feeling better.

Aries is the sign of action and of being in the world, and it looks like there will be plenty of action happening during this full moon. 

Root chakra & Carnelian

Carnelian activates the root, the sacral and the solar plexus chakra, which increases vitality, sex drive and creative power.

It’s known for being a stone of courage, endurance, energy, leadership, and motivation. Carnelians have inspired and protected people  throughout history thanks to their bright, rich coloring.

Ancient Egyptians called carnelians “the setting sun” because its orange hues lend it more female, passive, receptive, qualities. The stone links to the rich and fertile menstrual blood of the Isis, a major goddess in the old religion. However, when the stone’s hues are redder, red-orange, and reddish-brown, it becomes an active male energy stone. It is traditionally worn to enhance desire, love, and passion, all of which Aries’ energy highly resonates with. 

Question for Mindfulness

How have I acted as an individual lately? Have I been balancing my needs and desires with my partnerships and responsibilities to others?

Have I been selfish?
Have I been impulsive recently? How might the aries full moon influence this behavior based on what I know about my personal astrology chart?

Have I been overly competitive? With who and why do I feel the need to compete?

Have I been overly blunt or rude to others?

Ask yourself if there is anyone you can forgive during this full moon. Carrying around a grudge can be a waste of energy and that energy can kind of spoil and transmute into unhealthy negative manifestations. So if you feel you are carrying around heaviness, or a prominent load of negative feelings, forgive yourself and the other energy at play. This could simply be a situation out of anyone’s control, or a person you feel did you dirty.

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