Summer Solstice 2023

I know it’s been a while since I posted, but I wanted to take a moment to post a little update, both personal and astrological, and I can’t think of a better time to write than the Summer Solstice. Of course, if you are subscribed to the Daily Dose you get my daily astrology newsletter in your inbox every day, but I wanted to take some time to reconnect. Many of my long-time listeners are aware that I was my father’s caretaker for the last few years, which took a lion’s share of my time and energy. Sadly, he recently passed away, and while I am certainly still grieving and healing from the huge amounts of stress that came with that ( I got shingles! It was terrible, do not recommend, -10/10 would avoid at all costs ), I am starting to turn the proverbial corner and am trying to reconnect with the things I love that make life so wonderful, and of course part of that is astrology! But first allow me to indulge in some things that have made me happy lately. The astrology section is below if you would like to skip to that.

This weekend I took a little trip to Lake Santeetlah, North Carolina, about 3 hours north of Atlanta. It’s a small town of about 300 people located on three sides by different national forests. To say it’s remote is accurate. It’s an ideal place for a weekend getaway to see nature do its thing. On my drive up Friday night, I was surrounded by synchronous fireflies lighting the forest with their slow rhythmic disco light show.

Saturday, I was looking through some of the crystals in the collection that I have for sale. I posted some on the Blood Moon Milk Instagram, so if you see any that speak to you, feel free to claim them and make them yours! I also have some crystals over at Empire Arts Gallery in Kirkwood, Atlanta for sale.

On Sunday, I went to visit a lavender farm to do some drawing. I feel guilty that I haven’t been nurturing my fine art skills as well as I should, so it felt good to get the old sketchbook out and sharpen some pencils. I also played around with using oil pastels, which aren’t something I have used frequently, so that was a nice challenge, although apparently, I still have a tendency to over work my media.

My friends recently finished renovating the cutest cabin, a true mid-century mod up-to-date reno up here that is available to rent, so if you’re looking for an affordable but very chic lake cabin for a weekend getaway, I highly recommend it! ( This is not paid content, just my helping out my friends. )

Astrology of Summer Solstice

I placed the astrological chart for the Summer solstice above so you can look at what I’m looking at. The summer solstice is the longest day of the year in the northern hemisphere, and it tends to sort of act like a tuning fork for the next few months, at least until the autumn equinox, so its fun to take a look at and catch up with what is going on in the sky. This chart shows the sun moving from the last degree of Gemini into the first degree of Cancer, which is the definition of the solstice, and with that move, we go from spring to summer. Notably, we have Mercury and Mars in a perfect sextile between air and fire signs, indicative of fast-paced developments. Uranus is on the midheaven of the solstice, and whenever Uranus is the highest planet in a chart, things can get a little unpredictable. But I think many of us have felt the stress of the Jupiter, Saturn, and Pluto T square that has been in effect since earlier this year, but thankfully with Pluto going retrograde back into Capricorn, we’re getting a little break from some of the intensity. Things are still feeling pretty intense, but happily so, with Saturn in Pisces and Jupiter in Taurus in lock step sextiles in emotionally supportive earth and water signs. I take this as a cue to let your intuition guide you to go with the flow and allow yourself to focus on the things that make you feel your best. I suspect we’re going to continue to see big changes over the next several months, especially as the nodal axis shifts from the Taurus/ Scorpio Axis to the Aries/Libra axis. If you have any questions about what’s going on in your astrological chart and your world book a session with me! I offer Zoom sessions only currently, with weekend and evening availability. After you book, I will reach out to confirm a date and time and send you a Zoom link. Happy Solstice!

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