New Moon in Virgo

Welcome to Blood Moon Milk the astrology show that aims to help guide you on your meditation, mindfulness, and manifestation journey. This episode is all about the new moon in Virgo that occurs on Sept 6, 2021, at 8:52 PM ET. 

This looks to be one of the most harmonious new moons of the year, and boy aren’t we ready for it. Before we get into all the astrology goodness that surrounds this new moon, let’s catch up on all the things that are going on in the sky right to help set the stage if you will. 

The sun is currently transiting the sign of Virgo where he shines his abundance on all things practical, healthy, and earthy. His influence here asks us to consider how the details of the way we live our lives add up to the bigger picture. Sometimes Virgo energy can become rather myopic, and near-sighted because they are only focused on the details it can become difficult to see the forest for the trees if you will. Virgo is the sixth sign of the zodiac and is ruled by Mercury. This gives Virgo gifts of the mental realm, a really precise way of digesting and communicating information, data that aids greatly in the flow of day-to-day activities. I like to think of Virgo as the energy of the mailman, or in my case the mail lady, and funnily enough, she just walked past as I began writing this. The mail lady must understand and organize a great many packets of information, which must all be delivered on time and to the correct address. You can’t just go about delivering any packet to just anyone. While this isn’t particularly glamorous work, society depends on it. So with this new moon, I get the sense that we are going to have a new chance at defining how society gets organized, runs on the day today, and reaps what we have sown – both metaphorically and physically in the material world. 

Since Mercury rules Virgo let’s look at where he is next. Mercury is in beauty, loving, harmony-seeking Libra. While Mercury resides in Libra he wants things to be fun, pleasing to the eye, and functional. Mercury is currently direct, however, he will later in September go retrograde in the sign of Libra, so Libra’s having their solar returns could be affected by Mercury retrograde. This is a time where diplomacy will be required to some degree, possibly on a global news front or on a more personal level, depending on where he’s transiting in your chart. So just look at which house Libra rules for you to get some insight here. During the new moon, Mercury will have just made a harsh aspect to Jupiter, a sesquisquare, which asks us to let go of any old or outdated ways of thinking, communicating, or traveling in the world. This could again be on a global scale, but also on a personal level. Ask yourself where you have a new respect, new learnings. Take time to be self-reflective during this new moon. This is the prime time to make sweeping changes that can help you grow in a more future perfect positive direction. 

Next, we look at Venus, who is also in Libra, one of two signs that she rules. This fact gives this new moon extra beautiful energy since she’s here, in her domicile, harmonizing with Mercury Virgo’s ruler. Venus is sending her blessings to make this new moon a time of abundance in terms of planting seeds for the next bountiful crop of lovely ideas, investments, projects, relationships, career shifts since Virgo also rules the day today. Just before the new moon Venus will have trined Jupiter, an aspect which is still in effect during this new moon, creating a prime opportunity to make intentionally joyful plans for the future during this time. Jupiter brings expansion to everything he touches, so his joy will still be ringing in the air during this new moon. Even if your finances are troubling you at the moment, this astrological aspect gives you a fresh start to make something new, wonderful, and abundant in your life, as long as you are willing to work towards it. During this new moon, Venus will still be under the influence of a harsh aspect from Pluto, a square, which is one of the most difficult of aspects in astrology. Squares create tension, conflict and a battle of wills so to speak. When pluto is involved, he always wins. He’s the slowest moving of the planets, the most deliberate and he’s the most powerful of them all. After all pluto rules the underworld, the end of all things. So relationships, creative pursuits, could have been recently challenged or even have come to an end. Pluto and Venus come to the apex of their square on September 5th at 11:06 PM, so just one day before the new moon. While the pluto venus square concerns me, I am grateful for the fact that it occurs before the new moon. This abrupt ending is coming to reassure us that this relationship or situation must end so that new beginnings can happen on the divine schedule. Be aware that if you have personal planets at or near 24 degrees you could feel the impact of this transit directly. Even still, have faith that radical, wonderful new beginnings are on the way and likely to be here before you know it. 

Next let’s visit Mars, the planet of action, rebellion, and bravery. He’s currently in the sign of Virgo as well. His emphasis here is on health matters and adding fuel to the furnaces of everyday life. This could be a very busy time where people are returning to offices, to schools, either virtually ( which honestly is preferable in light of the persisting pandemic). His influence here is highlighting all things Virgo, and he’s currently moving direct so day-to-day life can feel rather busy. Mars will be in a harsh aspect to Jupiter during this new moon, so I feel that growth will come, but it could come from the result of friction, discomfort, or even dis-ease. It’s not advisable to try to take on the group power structure at the moment, you’ll likely be looked at as a crazy outsider whose rebellion is heretical in some way. Even if you disagree with what’s going on around you or in the public news, it’s to your benefit at the moment to be very conservative with whom you share your thoughts of disagreement. They could easily be taken out of context, or used against you as a weapon of your own making in some way. I feel this could be particularly wounding if you find yourself in this situation. Wisely direct your energies into a positive expression of change and personal development instead of taking on the world, and you’ll likely be just fine. Mars is also in a close trine with pluto, not exact during this new moon, but pretty close. This tells me that this other dissatisfaction that Jupiter is bringing will ultimately be resolved in due course as long as hard work and effort are involved, success will come naturally. 

Next, we visit Jupiter, who we have already touched on a little in earlier aspects but it’s his turn now. He’s currently retrograde in Aquarius. He’s already traveled through these degrees of Aquarius but he rushed through. Now it’s time for him to go back and reconsider his earlier actions and attitudes as well as infusing some joy in the area in which Aquarius rules. In Aquarius, Jupiter blesses humanity as a whole. He asks us to take solo journeys for spiritual growth and development to bring our knowledge and experiences back to the masses as inspiration. He could expand your social circle, or influence social media while in Aquarius. He’ll be retrograde until October 18th when he goes direct at 22 degrees Aquarius. 

Saturn is also in Retrograde in Aquarius and he’ll go direct in October as well, but slightly sooner than Jupiter. He’ll go direct on October 10th. While he’s in Aquarius he’s helping to build lasting social changes. He’s slower moving than fun-loving Jupiter, and as such he takes his time to thoughtfully consider just how all his actions will endure the test of time. Saturn only makes one aspect during this full moon, and it’s not exact. He’s in a building semisquare with Neptune. This transit won’t be direct until after the new moon, and for some, it can cause a bit of depression, even lethargy. It could be appealing to drown your sorrows, but it would be better and more beneficial to you to simply rest and acknowledge these feelings as they come to you. 

Next, we visit Uranus, who is also retrograde in the sign of Taurus. He is in a wonderful aspect during this new moon. This is the aspect I’m most excited about, as Uranus is the planet of genius, exciting developments, and sudden surprises. He’s a perfect trine with this new moon, telling me that happy days are on the way again. Now, before you get too excited, you must remember that these developments could take up to 6 months to see fully come into the light, during the Virgo full moon 6 months from now. Check out your chart to see where this exciting news could develop for you by looking at the houses, and which ones have the midpoint between Taurus and Vigo in them. This can give you a little insight and preview as to where this could be a very exciting new beginning indeed. You could take control of destiny by consciously deciding to try something new and outside of your comfort zone. Because Uranus and the new moon both fall in earth signs this is a good time to make new investment decisions as long as they are practical choices. 

Neptune is next up and he’s currently also at the retrograde party and he’s in his home sign of Pisces. He will be in retrograde until December 1st. Pisces is the sign in opposition to Virgo, so in a way, Neptune is in opposition to this new moon, but he’s at 21 degrees Pisces, and the new moon is at 14 degrees Virgo which is far enough away to be out of the danger zone of a Neptune opposition. 

Lastly, we visit Pluto, who is retrograde as well, in Capricorn until October 6th, when he too moves direct. As I mentioned earlier he makes a square with venus just a day before the new moon, so we could be feeling ready for a new beginning when this new moon occurs on Sept 6. 

So how do we make the most of this abundance of change and new direction this new Moon in Virgo is bringing us? 

Virgo is an earth sign so grounding ourselves in joyful abundance is key to welcoming positive changes. This is a conscious choice, and you can focus your intentions and attention on a positive mindset regardless of your current circumstances. No matter the challenges life has served up to you, you can focus your energy on positive growth. Simply talk a walk in the park, Look at flowers. Be still and be grateful for all the beauty nature provides. Connect with mother earth in a personal way to you. She brings us everything we have, and gratitude is key to any new positive development. 

Since Virgo is ruled by Mercury and an earth sign I suggest focusing on your throat chakra, the chakras in your feet. Take some sage or other sacred herbs and cleanse your feet chakras to allow for a more grounded approach to life, to feel more connected to the earth, and do the same with your throat chakra, giving it special attention so you can communicate clearly with compassion. If you would like to incorporate crystals with your meditation I suggest Amethyst work with the happy Uranus energy and Moldavite if you have it which can help to usher in ascension and dramatic positive evolutionary changes in life. 

Questions for mindfulness meditation and manifestation

What am I grateful for? Make a detailed list

What areas of my life are ripe for positive transformation?

What have I worked on releasing to make room for this transformation?

How can I communicate my love and gratitude for opportunities more clearly?

What are small changes that I can usher into my life on a day-to-day basis that can promote positive healthy change? Be specific. 

How can I be of service to my community?

What can I do to get more organized? Dream big, but then take the time to sit down and reverse engineer your goals down into small bite-sized actionable chunks. Tell me about them, let me know how I might have helped you on your journey, reach out on social media @bloodmoonmilk on Instagram, or book an Astro-Therapy session with me, and let’s explore your stars together. I’m Aurorah and thank you for your time and attention. Happy new moon. 

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