Winter Solstice Pop Up x Fossil & Hide

Winter solstice astrology readings are special. They are only offered for one day of the year and this year they are offered in collaboration with Fossil and Hide Jewelry. These appointments are only available during the pop-up event on Tuesday December 21st, 2021.

The sessions are short (25 minutes) and sweet to help you find peace and embrace the darkness of the darkest day of the year and aim to help guide you towards embodying the special light you carry within.

All sessions come with a crystal “prescription” to help integrate and adjust to the upcoming events as well as a printout and interpretation of your chart for you to keep. It’s not uncommon for people to laugh and cry and feel like they just had the best therapy session ever- but fun.

Please use the form below to request your preferred appointment time, then click the “Pay Here” button to secure your appointment.