Mercury Retrograde in Sagittarius & Scorpio 2018


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Pre Order your copy of the Mercury in Retrograde “Sur- Thrival ” guide to help you to embrace the challenges of the next Mercury Retrograde period. Your digital copy will be delivered via email during the pre-shadow phase to help you prepare and give you a heads up of potential issues that may lie ahead. As Mercury proceeds in its forward motion in the sky, it enters the region against the stars where it will later retrograde or appear to go backward. This backward motion is the retrograde cycle as it appears to us from our vantage point here on earth. This survival guide is tailored to the Nov – Dec 2018 retrograde period with loads of cool stuff to help you learn to embrace and make the most of this misunderstood time. This is a digital ebook that will be emailed out to you on November 15 the day before retrograde to help you get off on the right foot! The price will increase after nov. 15 so pre-order now and do future self a favor to help not get thrown for a loop during the holidays. 

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