2021 Personalized Transit reports


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Start the year off right with a personalized transit report. It will give you all the transits that affect you personally for the entire year. This is valuable information that can give you a heads up on big events so you know what kind of challenges and blessings will be headed your way instead of being blindsided by them. It can help you plan for trips, moves, and changes in relationships and jobs. People who got one last year have said they were invaluable in helping them through the year. I always like to suggest that you put these in your calendar so you can have a clue about what’s going on when to help you make better plans for the future. This will be emailed to you within 48 hours of ordering as each report is personal to the birth data provided, and they make great gifts as well. These reports are usually pretty long ( over 100 pages isn’t unusual) since they cover the entire year fyi** WHEN CHECKING OUT PLEASE PROVIDE YOUR BIRTH INFO ( NAME, DATE OF BIRTH, LOCATION OF BIRTH AND TIME OF BIRTH ) IN THE ORDER NOTES THIS HELPS TO CAST YOUR TRANSITS WITHOUT ME CHASING YOU DOWN- THANK YOU <3  **

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